What is the EPA Safer Choice program?
The Safer Choice label is on hundreds of cleaning and home care products -- for most every indoor and outdoor cleaning task -- all-purpose cleaners, kitchen and bath cleansers, carpet and fabric shampoos, laundry detergents, car and boat care products, deck and siding washes, and many more. The Safer Choice Program has more than 500
partner companies and more than 2,000 products currently qualify to carry the Safer Choice label. Products that carry this label have been carefully evaluated by EPA scientists to ensure they contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment. For more information on Safer Choice, visit the website. 

Is the Breathe aerosol line the first aerosol line to ever be certified by the EPA safer choice program?

Is the Breathe aerosol line made from 100% biodegradable ingredients?

Do I have to sacrifice efficacy to use Breathe?
No. In 3rd party lab tests, Breathe has proven to be as, or in some cases more, effective than the leading competition.

How do I know that the Breathe aerosol line is safer to spray around family and pets?
One of the most crucial criteria for being certified by the EPA Safer Choice program is to be assessed and approved by their toxicology team. Their analysis shows the Breathe line is, consumer and pet safe.

Does the Breathe aerosol line contain any hydrocarbon propellants?
No. Breathe is powered by air using BreatheSafeTM technology. The product utilizes nitrogen as a propellant which is approximately 80% of the air we breathe.

What's the best way to use these products?
A little spray goes a long way. When using Breathe, it’s important to employ a “less is more” philosophy. Unlike hydrocarbon propellants, the Breathe aerosol line is not diluted. It is 100% pure, environmentally friendly cleaning product. Thus when spraying it onto a surface, you’ll find that just a little Breathe works hard to clean your home.

Where can I buy the Breathe aerosol line today?
Breathe has recently launched and is now available at all Wegmans grocery stores. Breathe will be available online and at other retailers across the United States and Canada shortly.

Is the Breathe aerosol line flammable?

Is Breathe considered a dangerous level III aerosol?
No Breathe is a level one aerosol and is non-hazardous, consumer safe, pet safe, non-flammable and made from biodegradable ingredients. This makes shipping and storage much less expensive than traditional aerosols.

What happens if I get any of the Breathe chemicals on my hands what should I do?
Simply rinse your hands under water as the products are non-toxic.